401(K) : Beaini Financial Solutions


The emphasis many companies and individuals place on retirement planning is well founded. Successful plans require a major commitment of funds and intelligent management. The earlier the process begins the better.

Understanding that the retirement planning process is highly personal, we at BFS educate our clients and their employees on how to plan for themselves and to begin the process early. We help owners, key executives and their employees understand their options, their retirement benefits and the lifestyle ahead of them. We help them make intelligent decisions that will impact the future quality of  their retirement life.

Our pre-retirement planning program is only a part of solution we offer to businesses and their employees. BFS is able to help support and service all types of retirement plans, both qualified and non-qualified, for businesses of all sizes. We inform you on the various retirement plans options available and tailor them based on company's resources, number and level of employees and other factors.